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Financial Planning for Business Owners

Business Owners

By spending time understanding what makes you and your company a success, we’ll agree on your own specific wealth creation objectives, and put a plan of action in place. Our services apply to companies of all sizes and at any stage of their life-cycle; from start ups, to established businesses and aspects of exit strategies.

Our advice is based on an understanding of your personal circumstances and is tailored to meet your lifestyle and requirements. We offer the benefit of a long-term relationship to ensure that your plans remain on track for your retirement.

We offer expert advice to business owners on a wide range of areas including tax planning, retirement planning, mortgages and family protection.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Case Study: How we helped a business owner

• Their requirement
We understand that when you go ‘solo’ it’s usually from a large company run by lots of staff, and that coming to terms with your new company responsibilities, as well as finding contract work, doing the contract work and all the other functions of owning your own business can be a challenge – particularly in the wider context of your personal finances – putting money into the business, the best to take it back out again.

• Our process & how we helped
We plan the new ventures objectives against the context of your personal finances and work back to how you manage cashflow. Quite often the flexibility of your own business gives more flexibility but with more options of what you ‘could do’ doesn’t make clear what you ‘should do’ for your future financial goals.

We help our clients understand the options available to them, the cashflow requirements, the protection and benefits they will need to consider for themselves. We then integrate the personal financial goals with the goals fo the business to ensure efficient use of allowances and extraction of profit, and sometimes through to sale of the business.

“Mark and the team from Oakway Wealth Management provided me with an independent source of independent information which provided me with the right information to make a well-informed decision on my strategy for both pension and investments. I did not have any investments with them at the time but they invested their time in assisting me to explore a wide range of options. I have since engaged Mark and the OWM team and have been very pleased with both the attentive service and the professional advice provided.”

Nick Sumption, Strategic & Operational Director- Sumption Solutions Limited

What do we offer?

Business owners often need financial advice that is similar to their lifestyle; agile, flexible, and hard-working. We specialise in providing advice on how business owners can create financial independence for both themselves and their families.