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We deliver dynamic, reliable financial advice to our clients, but doesn’t everyone in our industry?

So we built our business on a set of values that we look for in our people and those we work closely with.

We asked Oakway clients how they would describe us…

100% described us as, “Experts to call in, when needed.”

98% said, “They help me achieve, understand and deliver my financial goals.”

Yes, we manage the investments and finances of individuals, trusts and businesses, providing support to our clients. Yes, we have the term ‘Wealth’ in our name, but who we are is secondary to how we work.

Our financial advisers will help you to connect with your future and provide financial advice that will allow you to enjoy financial wellbeing. We encourage investment strategies that align with you and your values, with an emphasis on responsible and sustainable investments.

As we are now living longer, retirement should no longer be about simply giving up work and slowing down. It’s also about fulfilling your dreams and doing big things – even if, right now, they seem out of reach. Our team will help you get to where you want to be. Please be mindful, it takes engagement and patience, while we work hard behind the scenes.

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