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4 simple steps to help achieve your best financial future

Planning your financial future

Our four-stage on-boarding process really helps to put your finances into context, for all parties involved. By helping you to commit to a vision that is integrated into a plan, you can put our insights into action, spot opportunities, and act on them.

During this process, between focused meetings with us, we ask you to reflect on what we discuss. Your engagement throughout our initial process is crucial. We really believe that honest reflection and taking these initial steps to connect with your future is vital for successful financial planning.

We aim to provide the tools to help us achieve what’s important to you. We invite you to show a level of commitment not generally asked for in other areas of your life- not to us- but to your future. We’ve noticed over the years that busy people find this difficult.



Getting to know each other.

We start by discussing what is important to you. Before we get to know your money, we need to know you and your relationship with your finances. After all, money is fuel for the life you want  which means every person’s relationship with money is different.

Once we understand that, we can simplify your goals and priorities so that your money can work harder for you.



Where you are and where you want to go.

The two main questions informing the planning stage are: where are you now? And where do you want to get to? A timeline of this informs us how likely you are to bridge the two.

At this stage, we believe in keeping the planning as simple as possible, preferably to one page. In the complex world of personal finance, simplicity is complexity resolved.

This planning is ongoing, which only a long-term relationship can deliver. The difference between a plan and planning is the relevancy over time and adapting to changes in your life, while maintaining a focus on what’s important to you.



Implementing a plan to match your goals.

We want your money to work as hard as you do – which is why we carefully create financial plans that are aligned with your own personal objectives and values, that we then help you to implement with ease and confidence.

You may notice we haven’t talked about products or financial instruments yet, once we have the plan in place we can match your situation to the most appropriate solutions through regulated advice.



Life changes, so you need an adaptable financial plan.

Maintaining financial peace of mind can be difficult with the changing landscape of regulation, the markets, and life in general. By developing a relationship from our initial process, and with regular reviews, our advisers believe that success comes with engagement to these changes, which is made even easier with our client portal; Oakway Connect, our online advice hub makes receiving our friendly, professional advice even more convenient, wherever you are.

Beyond our regular reviews, we’re told by our clients that knowing they can contact their adviser as a sounding board, whatever is going on, gives them peace of mind. Safe in the knowledge we are there ready to react if needed between planning reviews.

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We are committed to helping you manage your wealth in a way which reflects your personal circumstances. Oakway Connect, our online advice hub, makes receiving our friendly, professional advice even more convenient.


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